Featured Project - Northridge Estates

4810 North Mount Dr.

Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

A Housing Plan for Active Adults 50+

Enjoy the luxury and ease of the big city 
with the security of country living

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The design of the original Harwood condominium was so successful, it later became a standard for all multi-unit developments. Today, Harwood retains many of the original features.

Two bedroom units

        -  A unit 950 sq. feet

        -  B unit 1300 sq. feet

Spacious and efficient layout.

Some units with ensuite bathroom off master bedroom.

All units have a patio or a balcony.

Ample storage.

Extensive sound proofing of walls and floors between units.

The basic design features a series of fourplexes, two units at ground level and two upstairs.

All units have cross-ventilation, as windows are located on opposing sides; end units have windows on three sides.

Covered carport is visible from front window of each unit.

A spacious activity centre is provided in each complex.



Pricing per Unit, ranges with location and floor plan. 


"A" Unit  

- approximately 950 square feet -  $73,188* - $75,900*

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"B" Unit

- approximately 1300 & 1380 square feet -  $97,900* - $131,610*

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A deposit of $5,000 is required to reserve unit and balance is required, upon completion of the unit.

Although changes in building specifications and/or prices are not planned, such changes may be necessary.

Not included in the cost of the unit:

Telephone or cablevision services

Appliances and window coverings

Personal contents insurance or property taxes

A Monthly Association Fee will include:

Electricity and Natural GasWater and Sewer

Outside Building and Grounds Maintenance

Building Insurance and Garbage Collection

Savings for Maintenance Reserve Fund


Located at 4810 Northmount Drive, Wetaskiwin


Unique Management

The cooperative management system of a Harwood complex is unique. A non-profit society is established and contracts on a turn-key basis with Harwood Industries to build the project. Government subsidies or grants are not involved in any way. When the complex is complete, the shareholder residents take over ownership and management.

Units are not bought or sold. Memberships into the cooperative (which entitle the holder to a specific unit) are the basis of the housing cooperative. This means that there are no real estate fees, no speculative purchases, and no adverse market conditions. Membership prices are set  by the members of the cooperative.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this system over a typical strata title or apartment system is that utilities, taxes, building insurance and services can be purchased in bulk rather than individually. And the members, not an absentee owner, decide how to pass on the savings. Water, electricity, garbage collection, and maintenance costs are paid by all members in a single low monthly fee based on the locale of the unit.

The association also manages a capital development fund for future expansion of facilities,   major repairs, etc. Some of the more established associations manage a substantial sum of capital, ensuring prompt and efficient replacement and repair. Aside from the benefits of the housing society, the initial cost of these units is significantly lower than any other form of comparable residence. This is due in part to the basic design, but much credit must go to Harwood's management team.

Strategic Plan of Harwood Industries Ltd

A Board of three or four members of a local Housing Association is established.

When the first meeting of the incorporating members has been agreed upon, an application is made to the government office in Edmonton for the incorporation of the Non-Profit Housing Association under the Society Act.  

When the incorporation is established the incorporating officers enter into a contractual agreement with Harwood Industries Ltd. for the construction of the project.

An on-site office is established as a membership sales office. The "purchase cost" of a membership entitles the member to occupancy of the agreed upon until as long as the member wishes to continue and has maintained the requirements of the membership agreement and the monthly service fee.

When the total number of memberships have been sold, as limited by the number of units, a special meeting of the membership is held and a new association of Directors is appointed by the assembled members, it is at this point that management of the membership is assumed. When this takes place Harwood Industries Ltd. is no longer involved.

Affordable Housing for All

Currently, there are many forces working against the dream of affordable housing. Building and land costs, speculation, inflation, taxes... etc. This is everyday news

But do you realize that a great portion of housing cost is a direct result of local government regulations? Increasingly, decision makers are being advised to approve stringent design guidelines that require aesthetically pleasing, but very costly facades, roof scapes, drive-ways, and treatments. These fashionable add-ons drive housing costs UP greatly! As more and more of these regulations are passed, affordable housing will increasingly become just a dream.

With Harwood, "affordable" is still a meaningful word, and not at the expense of quality. The contented residents of the many Harwood projects listed below are witness to this fact.  We would like to continue building affordable housing for the seniors in your community. With your help, we will be able to accomplish this goal.

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 *Prices are subject to change.