The Schmidt Family Foundation

To be unloved, uncared for, and unwanted are the worse of all human diseases.  Even the unwanted, they may have lived like animals, should go out feeling loved, and at ease, on the wings of an angel.

- Mother Teresa

There will always be only one, treasured, Mother Teresa.  We've many role models today.  My father Harry gives to children what he has mastered, the art of creating homes from timber, steel   and  brick.  He and my mother Marlene, founded the Schmidt Family Foundation, to give back,       in equal measure, what they have received...

Fortunately, I have been blessed to be a part of their aspirations.  As an active director of the  Schmidt Family Foundation, I will give you a visual idea of the Foundation's mission and its           part in  Northridge Estates, Wetaskiwin. 

The Foundation's aim is to provide shelters, clinics, schooling and playing areas for handicapped   and orphaned children of any race or ethnic background.  Sites are chosen based on an existing local  children's program, where there is a need for new or refurbished buildings.  The Foundation uses its  trade skills to create the structures and then relinquishes the properties to those local caregivers that  have proven their abilities and foresight for their region.  Some of the projects        are listed below. 

Wetaskiwin profits will be used to sponsor new projects in all corners of the world.  As a voice     for the children and the Foundation, we would like to thank each person for making this       important decision.  By calling Northridge Estates, "home", you have given many tiny bodies          the warmth, comfort, and health, we all take for granted. 


Cara Schmidt

Schmidt Family Foundation

World Projects

1991 - Kuriftu Project, Ethiopia - Multi-purpose center, school, church, feeding center, assembly hall.  Four homes housing 300 children.

1992 - Cebu, Philippines - Two homes for 80 children with a clinic and recreational fields.

1995 - Kolomne, Russia - Orphanage shelters 230 children, handicapped and from  Chernobyl.  Clinic with a physical therapy office.

1997 - New Delhi, India - Outpatient facilities providing medical care, special needs family education, and housing for disabled children.

1997 - Filadelfia, Paraguay - Shelter and school for the children of the surrounding area.

1998 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - A shelter which was formed together with the Conference    Baptist Church in Edmonton.

2001 - 2008 - Mallepally, India - Working with the Matilda Education Society in India, we have finished the first floor and second floor of a brand new school for the children.  Also, we have donated three brand new Eicher Mercedes school buses to ensure safe transportation for  the children  to and from school.                                                   

2000 - present - Donestk, Ukraine - Good Shepherd Shelter: currently working on the restoration of an old building for a children's shelter and school. This project is about 1/3     complete. In the future, we have hope of housing and educating around 200 children.           Currently there are 60 children living in the shelter.

2007 - Namibia, Africa - We supplied livestock for the local San Farmers Program.  

2008 - Cebu, Philippines - We supported the Children's Shelter of Cebu with a contribution towards construction of their new Infirmary building

2009 - Rwanda - We are supporting the completion of two buildings which will function as schools for the children and churches for the local.



Updated: March 2010